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The Tamil Nadu Medical Council (TNMC) is a Statutory body established under the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Medical Registration Act, 1914 (ACT, IV of 1914). The TNMC consists of ten members, seven elected by the Registered Medical Practitioners and three are nominated by the Governmentof Tamil Nadu. The President and the Vice-President of the TNMC are elected by the Members of the Council from amongst themselves, as per theprovisions of the Tamil Nadu Medical Registration Act 1914. The Executive Committee consists of its President, Vice-President and three other membersof the Council who shall be elected, in the prescribed manner.

The Functions of the TNMC include maintenance of Medical Register, containing the names of doctors who possessany of therecognized medical qualifications, Disciplinary Control over the Medical Practitionersand issueof Warning Notice similar to that of the Indian Medical Council.

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Tamil Nadu Medical Council
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Phone No:044 - 26265678
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